Hello, and welcome to my website. I'm Carrie and I like to make music and also other things.


This is a simple hub where you can find links to all the music and other art that I have released publicly (from May 2017 onward).

I’m happy to share this stuff with you and I hope you enjoy exploring it.

Site last updated 4/8/2019. More coming soon.

things i helped make

Too Silver for a Seam

Score for Computer Game

Coming soon - Early 2019

I am doing the music for this visual novel by Emma Conner and Rinny. A score incorporating folk music of the Northern Isles, in which I play accordion, guitar, and recorder.

     play a demo version here

Bitsy games by dumplingsquid

Scores for Computer Games

2018 - present

I do music for these brief, haunting stories by Emma Silverman Conner, trying out new instruments as I go.

     The Traveler and the Whale                           (Jul 2018)    Synthesizers, and vocals in ancient Akkadian.
     Stay                                                                             (Dec 2018)   Recorder, piano, electronic degradation.
     Charybdis Trench                                                 (Dec 2018)   Accordion, synthesizer.
     Some Sounds That Remind Me Of You      (Jan 2019)    Electric piano, field recording

      The Runaway and the Bear                             (Feb 2019)   Synthesizers, and vocals in ancient Akkadian.

      A Field Guide to the Snails of Scull-in-the-Mud...  (Mar 2019)  MIDI orchestra.

      TEETH QUEST                                                   (Apr 2019)   Teeth.

     listen to or download the music by itself here

things i made



February 2019

An album of somewhat harsh noise music. Created using a diverse variety of mysterious techniques. I did this over the course of two weeks in late January, motivated by Goblin Week 2019 and a bout of existential crisis.

     listen to or download it here

Manifold Expeditions

Twitter Bot

2018 - present

An aleatoric fiction text generator, implemented with Kate Compton's language Tracery and v21's hosting service Cheap Bots Done Quick. New behaviors are added occasionally.

     read or follow it here

Erik Satie - Complete Piano Works


2017 - present

An ongoing project to record myself playing the complete piano works of French composer Erik Satie. For these recordings I try to seek out a range of interesting pianos that are not conventionally well-maintained, and to make other choices that are inelegant but hopefully interesting too. New installments are released irregularly.

     listen to or download it here

a lunum waits

Computer Game

November 2017

A brief visual novel without pictures, with minimal sound and a decent amount of text. Done in just over a week for “Self-Care Jam 2” run by j hayley. Rather clunky in implementation; cleaner version to be released eventually.

     download it here

The Sacred Ossivores March Across a Distant Prismatic Hillside
Notated Chamber Music
May 2017
A quintet for double bass, harp, guitar, and 2x percussion. About 9 minutes long. Premiered by The Syndicate for the New Arts in July 2017.

    download the score here (links directly to pdf file)